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The Austinmer EP
  • The Austinmer EP
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 This is the first cd from The Glamma Rays. It features four intricately layered, mostly vocal songs with a retro charm, all written and arranged by Jodi Phillis. Recorded at The Kitchen Recording House by Jodi and Tim Oxley. 

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Kuradji Sounds Number 2
  • Kuradji Sounds Number 2
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 This awesome compilation cd features artists who have played at Kuradji (Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy) over the years. It features a rare live recording of Love Your Life, written by Love, arranged by Sunshine. All proceeds go to the embassy.
Track order
1. What's Your Breed, Dr Greenthumb(with The Glamma Rays)
2. I've Seen Them, Jodi Phillis, Richard Green, David Field and Tim Oxley
3. Cabin Boy, Cape Tribulation
4. Tahlia, Jodi Phillis, Tim Oxley and David Field
5. We Are One, Robert I Corowa and Loie Burdett
6. No Probs, Alotta Presha
7. Kuradji, The Leisure Coasters
8. Lady of the Dust, The Dirt Band
9. Love Your Life, The Glamma Rays
10. Washer Woman Pool, Roger Loves Betty
11. We Ain't Americans, Paranoia Club
12. Wecome, Lisa and Tony

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